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Logo Piave agenzia di marketing e comunicazione digitale


Digital, Politics, Marketing.

We are a Data Company offering digital communication services to companies, political parties, administrations. Our heart beats for innovation and progressive policies.

We start from data.

We are obsessed by data, from decision-making processes to the creation of strategies. Without data, in communication as in politics, creativity becomes a mere exercise in style.

As a Data Company we always start from data analysis, as the foundation on which to build what’s to come.

We are born in the tech world, so we use proprietary technologies to analyze target markets, social media performance, user reactions and content effectiveness.

Piave’s first tool at your service.


Bellerofonte is a social listening tool that includes a notification system. It gathers data from the most popular social media platforms and performs quantitative and qualitative sentiment analysis.

Piave’s second tool at your service.


Arianna is artificial intelligence applied to digital communication. A semantic search engine that can be applied to social network data, documents or other sources.
Arianna performs text analisys, provides summaries and performs searches on your behalf.
Skills, knowledge, competence.

Both in politics and in the corporate world, the three pillars of success in the digital world are: Vision, Talent, Data.

Piave’s diverse team combines all of these elements with a special attention to the latest tech trends.

Don’t just believe us. Test us.


We define strategies that suit your objectives, considering context, needs and resources.


We take care of your online communication, from defining a publishing schedule to producing content.

Data analysis.

As a Data Company, we collect and analyze data, to help you define your target, your audience and create an effective strategy.

Digital Marketing.

We create campaigns that are tailored on you, roll them out in the perfect channels to reach new target audiences, boost loyalty in the existing ones, or increase sales.

Graphic Design.

We turn your ideas into a graphic identity that suits your communication needs.

Search Engine Optimization.

We help you get more visibility on the web by curating the critical strategic details of your website.

But there’s more.

Web Design

We create and develop websites with a strong communicative impact, curating image and user experience.


We create CAWI, CATI, CAMI polls and process the responses to gather all the information it takes to create an effective strategy.

Audience Analytics

We help you analyze and understand your reference audience, starting from the traces users leave on the web.


We curate your website’s positioning on search engines, for both organic and sponsored growth.


We choose the perfect words to make your communication powerful and engaging, without ever losing sight of your goals.

Care, Create, Connect.

We are digital professionals sharing the belief that starting from data makes for the best communication strategies. Each of our projects starts with a simple question: why? Let us take care of the how!


Start from Here.
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