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Logo Piave agenzia di marketing e comunicazione digitale
What we do

Our teams work by your side
to understand your political
or corporate vision
and translate it into
effective communication.

How? Starting from data, always.

Graphic Design

We shape your communication style by planning and designing visual and written content that makes your ideas shine.

Web Design

We create and develop websites with a strong communicative impact, curating image and user experience.


We choose the perfect words to make your communication powerful and engaging, without ever losing sight of your goals.

Social Media Management

We develop targeted, multi-channel publishing schedules, to help you reach your audiences and your goals.

Social Media strategy

We help you define what goals to pursue, what content to publish and what platforms to use for your online communication. 


We turn your communication style into powerful images, whether it’s for political, institutional or corporate purposes.

Audience Analytics

We help you analyze and understand your reference audience, starting from the traces users leave on the web.


We create CAWI, CATI, CAMI polls and process the responses to gather all the information it takes to create an effective strategy.

Market Analisys

We collect and process data related to your reference market, to study its strengths, weaknesses, and especially its opportunities. 

Website Development

We create websites that can convey your message in a simple, powerful and accessible way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We help you get more visibility on the web, by curating the most crucial strategic details of your website.

Email Marketing

We create a direct connection to your target audience through the creation of exclusive strategic content.

Social Media Marketing

We define strategies to use your social media presence for promoting your activities, attract new clients, or communicate your brand image.

Search Engine Marketing

We curate your website’s positioning on search engines, for both organic and sponsored growth.


We organize training sessions for your team, create a customized learning plan that’s accessible both online and offline, and assess and hone the actual digital skills of your collaborators.

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